LIC Premium Calculator without asking Mobile Number


LIC Premium Calculator

The purpose of LIC Premium Calculator is that when a person wants to take a plan of LIC, he wants to calculate his premium first. When he needs LIC Premium Calculator, he searches the Internet. LIC Premium Calculator

But whatever result he gets there, there is only detail there, there is no LIC Premium Calculator and if there is LIC Premium Calculator then you are asked for the mobile number. Only then you are shown the premium.

LIC Premium Calculator
LIC Premium Calculator

The person thinks that if I will enter the mobile number, then this is it, I will disturb you by calling me. Because of this the person does not enter the mobile number and the person is unable to calculate his / her premium. So we have provided you with a calculator to solve the problem without asking you for a mobile number without asking anything. Use LIC Premium Calculator as much as you want.

Features of LIC Premium Calculator 

First of all, you have to select your plan in this calculator.

After that you have to select your age

Then you have to select the policy term

After that Sum Assured Fill is to be done

After that click on Calculate

How does LIC Premium Calculator work?
LIC Premium Calculator works based on the data you feed. You have to do your basic details first.

How to calculate premium Lic Premium Calculator 

How to calculate premium of the Lic Premium Calculator  (If you want to start any plan of Life Insurance Corporation, then the premium incurred in it should be calculated.

Just as it is necessary to earn money to live life, in the same way it is mandatory to invest money somewhere. One of the same is LIC, by opening any service, big or small, it can make life successful. Before that, the premium charged in it can be calculated by Lic Premium Calculator.

If you have an android phone, you will get many applications on the play store, so that you can calculate the premium anytime. Let us learn to calculate online from LIC official website in this article.

Which data Feed in Lic Premium Calculator plan

To calculate the premium of  Lic Premium Calculator, you should have the information of the date of birth and the sum asurred so that the amount you deposit will be correct.

You can also add premium by clicking on the premium calculator.
Name: - Type the name here.
Age: - Type the age.
Gender: - Select gender.
Next: - Click on Next option.

LIC helps in using premium calculator. Consistency like Mercury, but when you go to the LIC website, which LIC premium calculator is there, ask for your mobile number you before using it Due to this, people retreat from the toll. Amba is providing SFI facility to you without using mobile number. You can use it as much as you want, this calculator is your mature zodiac.

Maturity calculator helps in doing premium calculator.

Life insurance premium payment
Life insurance premium can be either a one-time or recurring payment by the policyholder

Life insurance plans are carried out. The policy is valid as long as you pay the premium

Let's pay
Once you stop paying the premium, the policy will be void.
It is important that you pay the premium regularly. Premium monthly or quarterly
Or is payable annually and when you pay the premium only the policy
You can get the benefit of

How is the premium calculated?

The premium paid by the life insurance policy depends on the plan you choose.
It is also dependent on the applicant's certificate. A healthy person who is above 30 years of age.
It says that he will be charged a lower premium than those above 50 years of age. Likewise,
The smoker will get a preferential premium over the smoker.
There are other parameters as to what the policyholder is required to pay the premium.

LIC of India Premium Calculator

This is where you see the benefits of LIC Premium Calculator. It is one such
Is the tool that gives you the premium required to pay against the policy plan
Returns the estimated amount. Premium Frequency and age of payment you choose, tenure
And the amount of insurance will depend on the insurance.
The Life Insurance Premium Calculator is available on the Leach website and for anyone to use.

Life Insurance Corporation calculator benefit 

It helps you calculate the maturity amount and premium amount of this plan. It gives you almost maturity year after year!

Gives the correct information about how much is covered.  Maturity is the amount of life benefit that you receive after the completion of the policy, including Simple Revolutionary Bonus from time to time + final addition  bonus if there is one that is declare every year.

If the insurance holder dies due to any reason. Both minis get Revolutionary Bonus + final audition bonus.

This can be 7 times the annual premium. If the insurance holder dies in an accident or quits doing any other work, he gets a premium payment of up to 10 years in a permanent disability case.

LIC Premium Calculator Covers

Lic premium calculator can calculate

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What is LIC Premium Calculator? 

LIC premium calculator is provided by Life Insurance Corporation. LIC Premium Calculator makes it easy for the insurance checker.

LIC premium calculator also gives maturity amount. Along with that, the premium also calculates.

With the help of LIC premium calculator, the insured gets to know the due date and premium amount of his insurance.

Along with the maturity amount, the LIC premium calculator also provides the policy amount of the policy's perpetual premium to the checker.

This calculator tells the customers about the amount of their premium and also the amount of premium we have to pay to the person choosing the premium and how much maturity amount they will get in return. 

With the help of calculator, a beget knows how much premium he has to pay and is on maturity. How much will he get?

The LIC premium calculator also gives you the opportunity to calculate service tax and the calculator also tells you if there is any hidden cost. We talk about LIC insurance policies.

Life insurance policy is a type of insurance by which a friend pays premium for the safety of his family and after his death the family members get that receipt.

LIC Premium Calculator. The insurance gives the checker the correct information about the exact premium amount of the insurance and the amount received on maturity. At the same time, it also gives correct information about service tax to the customer.

That is why LIC premium calculator can also be called LIC maturity calculator as it gives very accurate information about maturity. This calculator also gives the insurance checker hidden information related to the policy. Many times there are some hidden charges in the policy.

 LIC agents do not tell you about them. But if you check your premium through this LIC premium calculator, then it will tell you only by applying all hidden charges.

How does LIC Premium Calculator works? 

As per the plan adopted by the insurance holder! LIC Premium.

Is calculated. If you are 30 years old, then your premium amount will be lower than that of a 50-year-old person because a 30-year-old person will be healthier than a 50-year-old person in the same manner. The premium of a smoker will be higher than that of a smoker. Instead of a person who smokes.

So many different ways!

There are different policies. After every policy you select, this calculator will ask you to increase the edge. When you give once again, Smoker and nonsmoker will select that too. Will then ask about alcohol. When you give all the details in this calculator and press on the calculator premium, it will tell you the premium of the policy accurately and accurately. How does it help the person choosing insurance?

LIC of India Premium Calculator. 

Friends LIC of India -  You get insurance through this company and you get LIC of India premium calculator. LIC has got a letter provided at the official site, in which you can go and check your premium. 

But if you check a premium on this site, then it asks you for personal details of phone number and email ID, which many people are reluctant to fill in the details. That is why we have provided calculator on our site without any personal details.

Keep in mind that LIC checks with your background after taking insurance. If there is some alteration in it, then the calculation of the premium amount of your amount changes.

How to use this LIC Premium Calculator

You also have to keep in mind that you have to select the plan from the dropdown-menu of the calculator. If you enter a plan of your own, it will be valid. 

Many types of plans are sold by LIC, including endowment plan term, insurance, plan, monthly, return, plan, child plan, etc. But the calculator we have provided here, you will get all the plans in the same calculator. Only you have to select your plan from dropdown-menu. 

How is the premium calculated?

The LIC premium calculator of returns calculates the result only by filling in the details in which your main gender, your age and alcohol and sexual intercourse. 

Friends, the lower the age, the lower the premium and the more the new policy of the year, the more you will get the benefit. You can also check this by waiting.

So thanks guys, we have given you LIC Premium Calculator and LIC Maturity Calculator on this page. You can use it as you like. Thank you!

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