Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin written updates 26 May 2022


 Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Malhar is in severe pain and asks his friends for help. He is reminded by his friend that Dr. Sai had told him not to give him painkillers. Malhar commands them to contact a senior doctor. Friends request that wardboy bring Dr. Thurat. Dr. Thurat arrives and examines Malhar's file. He says that Dr. Sai was right and that Malhar cannot be given painkiller for more than 4 hours. They threaten to fracture his bones. 

Malhar offers him 50,000 rs per injection. Thurat calls nurse to request her to give him painkiller injections. He is reminded by nurse about Sai's orders. He shouts that he's Sai's senior, and that his orders work here. The nurse receives an injection. Sai is concerned by the unseasonal rainfall.

Samrat observes Pakhi lose in thought while drinking green tea and alerts him. She tells her she doesn't like green tea and would prefer coffee. Samrat gives her his coffee. He holds her hand, and she sips the coffee from his hand. She looks into his eyes. He takes her hand and sip coffee. He hears thunder closer to her. He moves closer to her, wiggling his fingers through her hair and saying that no matter what happens, he will always love her. He is embraced by her.

Malhar offers money to Thurat after getting pain killer injection. Money falls. Thurat bends down and picks up the money, but he notices an alcohol bottle. Malhar said that he used alcohol to ease his pain. Thurat becomes anxious and asks Malhar’s friends to take out the alcohol bottle. He will not reveal that he gave Malhar painkillers. He walks away, nervously. Friends see Malhar's shivering and send them out to get blankets. Sai walks up to Malhar, and he starts shivering. Malhar begs her to save him. Sai asks nurse whether he was given another painkiller. Nurse lies no. Sai moves Malhar to the ICU, and gives Malhar defibrillator shocks. But Malhar dies.

Dr. Thurat enters the ICU, and upon seeing Malhar dead, he recalls giving him painkiller and finding alcohol bottles under his bed. Sai is accused of causing the death of a patient due to her negligence. Sai says he didn't give any pain medication, but Thurat insists that he did. He asks the nurse to take Thurat away. Malhar's friends come in and accuse him of killing Malhar. Thurat threatens them by threatening them with alcohol abuse and will make a complaint against them if they do not keep their mouths shut. He manipulates Malhar's files and calls the police.

Virat, along with his team, walks in and asks whom called the police. Sai smiles seeing him. Thurat claims he called police complaining that his intern had killed a patient because of her negligence. Virat questions Thurat about whether he was present at the time that the patient died. Thurat claims he was there during the operation and taunts Virat about not arresting his wife. Virat becomes angry at him and asks Malhar's friends if Sai killed their friend. This recalls Thurat's threat not to speak out. Virat requests the inspector to seal all documents in the case. Thurat presents a manipulated document signed by Sai and states that Sai gave the overdose to Virat and then killed him. Sai collapses and claims that she didn't murder the patient. Virat charges her with murder in the death of a patient.

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