Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th May 2022 Written Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th May 2022 Written Update 

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Me 10 May 2022 Written Update : GHKKPM written update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 10th May 2022 episod starts with Sai is captivated by the decor of the room. Looking at Virat's photos, she smiles. She expresses her gratitude to Virat for the surprise. He joins her in expressing his love and support and says he will always be there for her.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th May 2022 

Both confess their deep feelings for each other and admit that it was difficult to do so. Sai recalls Virat's decision to make the best for her and asks questions about it. She is sad and tells Virat about her dream of becoming a doctor. She says she has always wanted to help those in need. You can read precap Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Mein 9th May 2022 Written Update.

Sai says that Virat always respected Bhavani's decision and has supported her career. He was asked why he agreed with Bhavani's condition when he understood the importance of being a physician for her. Virat calms her and tries to give an explanation.

Sai gets shocked on learning Virat's lie

Virat claims that he does not want Bhavani or anyone to ruin their marriage. Sai learns that Virat lied to Bhavani to stop Sai from pursuing her career. He claims that Bhavani was not ready to listen and that he lied about it to her to manage the situation.

Sai, who is shocked by Virat’s revelations, tells Bhavani that he did wrong in lying to her. She claims that she hates to lie and can't begin her career with a lie. Virat clarifies his intentions to her, and asks her to explain how important he is to her. His gesture overwhelms her.

Virat holds Sai in his hands and tells him that he won't allow anyone to get between them. He becomes romantically involved with her while she smiles at him and shows her affection. Sai stops him coming near her and says that she cannot start a new life without telling Bhavani the truth.

GHKKPM written update 10 May 2022

Virat attempts to stop Sai, but she is too busy explaining the matter to her. She then goes to Bhavani's bedroom. Ashwini confronts Bhavani, and she takes Virat along with Sai. Bhavani explains that she did everything to help her family. She recalls how she looked after Virat, and says that she cannot let him change for Sai.

Bhavani believes that Virat made the right decision in marrying Sai, and she has stopped her from following her career. Ashwini was about interrupting, but Bhavani stopped her and saw a shadow at the door. She finds Karishma, and opens the door to confront her. The latter, however, is scared and stutters to respond.

GHKKPM 10 May 2022

Virat also stops Sai's entry into Bhavani’s bedroom and takes her home. He reminds her that she too had lied to save his job. She claims that her lie was not the same as his and that she did it out of compulsion. Virat assures her that Bhavani will soon hear the truth and she is not allowed to tell it to herself. He agrees and she asks for forgiveness. They hug each other and come to an agreement. Also read Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein written updates in hindi 6 May 

In other words Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Mein Written Update 

Sai states at the beginning that she didn't think they would ever sit together this way. Virat adds that he never imagined that she would propose to him at his buaa's wedding. He will then say yes, and they will be married again. He said that he didn't think she would express her feelings. Sai claims that she loves him so deeply. Virat also says that he loves her so deeply.

Sai then becomes silent. Virat tells Sai that he requested some time from her, but now she is free to ask any questions about her carrier. Sai asked him why he said to Bhawani that he would make her the daughter-in-law of this house, but not as a physician. Virat admits that this was a fabrication. He claims that he cannot stop Virat from becoming a doctor because he knows it's important for her. She said that this is her dream and her father's. She said that she has always wanted affordable healthcare.

Sai focused to her carrier

She claims that she must complete her internship. How will she manage it all? He claims that he doesn't want her to go, so he lied about Bhawani. But no one can stop her becoming a doctor. Sai embraces him. She tells him that he should not have lied about Bhawani. Ashwini, on the other hand talks to Bhawani. She advises her to talk to Bhawani first before she puts a condition before Sai. She states that she doesn't mind if Sai is a doctor. Bhawani claims that she is able to make all the decisions on her own.

She said that parents sometimes have to be able to control their child's decisions. She claims that Virat decided today to change his name. She believes that Virat is today what he is today because of them. They helped him get educated and he became an IPS officer. Ashwini states that new generations come up with new ideas and that they must accept them. Bhawani states that she won't accept anything. Virat is told by Sai that she will tell Bhawani the truth. Virat insists that she cannot do this.

Virst confesses his lie to Sai

Virat holds her hand. He claims that Virat also lied in order to save his job. Sai claims that the situation was different this time. She claims that she submitted a false document in order to save her job. She claims that he lied today to Bhawani regarding her carrier. She claims that everyone would expect her to do only household chores, but she must go to her internship to obtain her license. Virat claims he can handle all things, but Bhawani knows better. He asked her to believe him. Sai tells him she believes him, and that she loves him so much.

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