Best RO under sink water system in India

Water purifiers have become an integral part of our lives. And today we are going to talk about a type of water purifier that is not so common and not so popular. Commonly called ‘Under-Sink Water Purifier System’, these water purifiers do what other water purifiers do, the only difference being the fact that they can be installed below your kitchen sink.

Best RO under sink water system in India
Best RO under sink water system in India

Best RO under sink water system

Highly efficient, Under-sink or Under-the-Counter water purifiers work hidden and out of sight, making them the Best for all the Perfectionists and artists out there. The looks set aside, the best part is saving up on room. These purifiers don’t encroach onto your much-needed counter space. Instead, they can be fitted neatly below sinks, making your kitchen work-space as tidy as can be.
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And it’s not like you’re compromising on filtration strength. They perform just as skillfully as any other purifier out there. In fact, they can also pack extra fire-power with many variations available having large tanks.
No more loss of immunity and health-harm due to lead-contaminated or bacteria-infected water etc. All the while adding to the beauty of your Kitchen, two benefits for the price of one!
Now here are some suggestions for you to pick the best-of-the-rest when it comes to the Under-sink Water Purifiers market.

#1 – KENT Excell Plus

4.1 out of 5 stars    142 ratings
82 answered questions

This Kent Water Purifier utilizes Kent’s patented Mineral RO purification technology to the fullest. It’s suitable for all kinds of purification with its TDS controller, be it tap or brackish or municipal water. Providing 100% safe water by getting rid of even the finest impurities, such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and salts.

Kent Excell Plus undersink water purifier
The 7-liter storage is also top of the line. Whereas the purification capacity is 15 liters/hours. All the while utilizing Kent’s ‘double-purification’ of RO + UV/UF.
When it comes to certifications. The Kent Excell Plus has been tried and tested by world-class laboratories such as WQA, NSF (United States) and ISI (India). Guaranteeing trust from the public as well as the professionals.
Kent Excell Plus can be installed under the counter or below the kitchen sink. It can also be attached to water coolers and for refrigerators with water dispensers.

#2 – AO Smith X5

3.5 out of 5 stars    12 ratings

18 answered questions

The innovators of the industry, AO Smith, never stop surprising. This time with their 5-Stage Purification. This water purifier purifies water using a Pre-filter, Sediment Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, RO Membrane, Silver Activated Post Carbon, it’s all the filtration we’d ever need.

AO Smith X5 undersink water purifier
Exclusive patented SSM Technology (Side Stream RO Membrane) purifies water with high TDS up to 2000 ppm. This purifier is also known to waste less water with improved water recovery.
AO Smith X5 throws special focus on the best possible removal of suspended solids and sediments. They’ve achieved this from some pretty nifty Advanced Pre-Filters and Sediment Filters.
Giving out a storage capacity of 7.5 liters, well above average. And all this comes certified with WQA certification for their RO membranes and everything. Maintaining all ANSI 58 and NSF standards.

#3 – KENT Sterling

Another Kent addition, this one incorporates an even fresher and more advanced technology. This model intelligently supports natural minerals even after very fine filtration. Making good use of Kent’s own patented Mineral RO tech. The TDS Controller retains essential natural minerals in purified water, giving you 100% pure, safe and natural tasting water.

Kent Sterling undersink water purifier
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3.2 out of 5 stars    3 ratings

6 answered questions

A lot of thought has gone into this under-the-counter water purifier, providing for side-by-side placement too, that may go right beside your refrigerators for utilizing the most space.
The patented technology helps with dishing out a tastier and sweeter end-product of fresh and safe water. The double purification of RO+UF manages to deal with any and all traces of Arsenic, Rust and all other chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and even salts. 100% safely and purely filtered, and at the same time, nutritional too.
Kent Sterling comes with a storage capacity of 6 liters and a high purification capacity of up to 15 liters/hour.

What is Under the Sink RO?

Water purifiers are a must for every home. However, a lot of them lack enough space to be installed in the kitchen or at times can alter the look of your kitchen. An under-the-sink RO is your best bet in such a scenario as it can be easily tucked in your kitchen to save space and avoid making any changes to the kitchen. Similar to any other purifiers, the under-the-sink RO Purifiers are equipped with different purification processes that remove different types of impurities from water to make it safe for use. The tap of the water purifier can be directly attached to the washbasin so that you can use purified water not just for drinking but also for cooking.

under sink ro vs normal ro

Under-the-Sink water purifiers work in a similar way as wall-mounted RO water purifiers. The only difference between under- the- counter and wall-mounted RO water purifiers is the installation and their look. Under-the- Counter water purifiers use the latest purification techniques to purify the water and make it suitable for consumption. However, the flow rate of under the counter water purifiers is quite high as compared to the wall-mounted or tabletop purifiers, thanks to the hydrostatic tanks available with the purifiers. As a result, these water purifiers need less time to fill a bottle as compared to other types of water purifiers.

Benefits of Under-the- Sink Water Filter

Under-the-sink water purifiers not only ensure that you drink safe water but also has a number of other benefits. The water purifiers are gaining a lot of popularity, thanks to their space-saving design. Here are some of the benefits of under the sink water filters:

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